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Note that project milestone reports are listed under completed and current projects.

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2012Top of Page

November 8, 2012, Educause Annual Conference, Denver, CO
Roston PowerPoint Presentation

2011Top of Page

May 3, 2011, BCNET Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC
Roston & Zuberbuhler Video Recording of Presentation (BCNET site)
Roston & Zuberbuhler PowerPoint Presentation (.pdf file)

October 5, 2011, International Symposium on Synchronous Distance Learning
Cooperstock PowerPoint Presentation (.pdf file)

November 18, 2011, AES 44th International Conference, San Diego, CA
Bouillot Paper (.pdf file)

2005Top of Page

August 2005, Asia-Pacific Advanced Networks Conference, Taipei, Taiwan
Cooperstock-Roston Presentation (.pdf file)

May 3, 2005, Canarie Advanced Applications Program Workshop, Ottawa, Ontario
Roston Presentation (.pdf file)

2004Top of Page

Woszczyk, W., Cooperstock, J., Roston, J., and Martens, W.
Environment for immersive multisensory communication of music using broadband networks (very large .pdf file)

Usher, J., Cooperstock, J.R., and Woszczyk, W.
A multi-filter approach to acoustic echo cancellation for teleconferencing (.pdf file)
75th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, New York, May 24-28.

Cooperstock, J.R., Roston, J., Woszczyk, W.
Broadband Networked Audio: Entering the Era of Multisensory Data Distribution (.pdf file)
18th International Congress on Acoustics, Kyoto, April 4-9.

2003Top of Page

July 25, 2003, 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, Montreal, Quebec.
Roston-MacDougall Presentation (.pdf file)

May 23, 2003, Canarie Funding Workshop on Videoconferencing and Collaborative Technologies, Toronto, Ontario.
Roston Presentation (.pdf file)

2002Top of Page

2001Top of Page

Jeremy R. Cooperstock, Stephen P. Spackman
The Recording Studio that Spanned a Continent (.pdf file)
IEEE International Conference on Web Delivering of Music (WEDELMUSIC),
Florence, Italy, November 2001.

2000Top of Page

Aoxiang Xu, Wieslaw Woszczyk, Zack Settel, Bruce Pennycook,
Robert Rowe, Philip Galanter, Jeffrey Bary, Geoff Martin, Jason Corey,
Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Real-Time Streaming of Multichannel Audio Data over Internet (.pdf file)
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, July-August, 2000.

Aoxiang Xu and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Real-Time Streaming of Multichannel Audio Data over Internet (.pdf file)
AES 108th Convention, Paris, February 19-22, 2000.